In early 2009 Currie Engineering (Garvagh) Ltd decided to invest in the installation of a wind turbine on their premises in Garvagh. In keeping with the company’s progressive outlook all of the site preparation was carried out by Currie Engineering and their personnel also assisted the Northwind and Green Energy engineers in the wind turbines installation. So by April 2010 their 100Kw wind turbine was in full operation.

The Northwind 100 wind turbine uses the latest technology with it’s innovative gearless design, best in class reliability and pleasing aesthetics. It’s permanent magnet direct drive technology maximizes energy capture and out performs conventional gearbox designs. The Northwind 100’s turbines begin producing power at wind speeds as low as 3 metres per second (6 mph) thus increasing it’s environmental and economic benefits.



Currie Engineering (Garvagh) Ltd, 43 Grove Road, Garvagh, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, BT51 5NY

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Currie Engineering (Garvagh) Ltd